An Honorable Brand ?


Unquestionably Yonex are one of the most respected badminton equipment manufacturers of today. with their roots firmly set in the East you'd expect a degree of honor - wouldn't you?

Yonex have always been my preferred racket choice for many years now but I think times are a changing. I played with a Yonex "Power 600" until a couple of years or so ago whilst in mid shot the frame split. I was slightly concerned by this but proceeded to further purchase another Yonex racket, this time opting for the "Tour 800" This was a superbly balanced racket but again several months down the line it too suffered the same fate. My third and  last Yonex purchase was of a "Swing 500" which suffered the exact same fault as the previous two. This time the racket was only a few months old, so I returned it to my local dealer here in Cornwall for replacement along with the others to show it was a common fault with Yonex rackets. A couple of weeks passed by before I called to find the progress of my rackets but the reply was not one I had expected. the letter from Yonex read "Our engineers have examined the rackets sent to us and conclude that the damage is not due to a defect within the  manufacture " I have had a categorical refusal to replace the latest racket even though it is under 12 months old and within standard warranty period. My local dealer was sympathetic but said that "badminton rackets don't carry a warranty".

I had always believed that " a product must be of of merchantable quality, durable and fit for the purpose sold for".

However I can see where Yonex are coming from, After all it is difficult to warranty a product for 12 months that may sustain the odd knock here and there which may have added to the final collapse of the racket. But wouldn't you have thought that to keep a customer  that purchases a new top of the range  racket each year would be worth looking after. 

I can now report that my local dealer has today called me to offer me a large discount from him if i wish to purchase a replacement racket. Perhaps this independent Newquay sports retailer has a better understanding of customer relations and a better business sense too.
So a big thank you !


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