Carlton Airblade 800:

  The Airblade 800 is the racquet designed especially for the player who needs more shot control. The Airblade 800 has an aerodynamic profile, flex system and the high modulus graphite composition, and like the 900 it weighs just 90g. But, the big difference is the 800's wide-body profile which increases racquet stability to provide more control, and accuracy. Julian and Nathan Robertson, European Championships and Commonwealth Games bronze medallists will both played with the Carlton Airblade 800 in 1999.  



  Carlton Airblade 1000:
The Airblade 1000 is designed for players who want responsiveness, flexibility and power. Weighing only 85g and made from high modulus graphite, this racket is extremely responsive to touch and easy to maneuver. The Airblade 1000 is played by Carlton's new signing, Malaysia's Commonwealth Games silver medallist Yong Hock Kin. It offers all the benefits of an aerodynamic frame and flex system and is made of high-modlus graphite. Airblade Aerodynamic Frame improves the aerodynamic profile, causing increased head speed and power and less drag. The flex system provides maximum head speed for more power with overhead shots.




  Carlton Airblade Flex:  

  The Airblade Flex, is the racquet for the improving beginner. The flex has an oversize hitting zone to help the beginner connect with the shuttlecock. 












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