Best Served With a Pinch Of Salt. :
  Tips from: Ali G ? 
   Dis is me bestest pastime so in da house is some tips on how to get da mostest wicked lauf from badminton! init!
Firstly yous have just got to is da feathery fing as hard has yous bloody can and straight between da heyes. Also you's must check da part lycra is oftun a wicked choice it mak hem larff ter murch .


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Ali G World Famous Badminton Player !!


 Tips from: some Guy Off The Street

  If you are playing doubles, you must smash them before they smash you.  Do not let the shuttlecock control you; you must control it.  Your opponents can't score unless you let them score.  When you swing with your back hand, use your arm in a whipping motion.   

  When you are up 11 points and your opponent has 6 points, do not let them score another point. Why you ask? In a psychological sense the score 7-11 represents a convenient store which sells refreshments. When your opponent gets that score they will recharge or reenergize just by thinking of that score. 

  The secret to singles are the four corners.  Study physics before you play badminton

To distract (or simply annoy) an opponent, keep looking at their eyes or
chest.  This will bewilder them thinking to themselves if there is something
wrong with their looks (and badminton is 80% looks).

Goode Archer


  Tips from: Brian Nguyen 
  In singles, try to stall as much as possible. It pisses the other opponent off. Just keep getting as much water as possible so that person gets mad and can't concentrate. 

  Badminton is...  80% Looks (As in style and technique) 10% Racket and 10% Strength. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you look playing the game. 

  When playing a game, try to dress as a baseballer so your opponent thinks that you are a scrub that can only play baseball, yup deception is the key! Get a pair of Nike's, baseball shorts and a baseball jersey don't wear anything associated with yonex or any badminton crap...yup so they misjudge you and stuff"


 Tips from: Gigi Pang

  Rush your game when your opponent's starts to get upset. In this case, they will make more mistakes and get more upset. But REMEMBER: you have to keep calm (or look calm) even though you are VERY UPSET with your games."  "Make sure you have a pair of sandals; all badminton players should have a pair. (it's just convenient!)"  "DO NOT buy an expensive racket if you are a beginner ("D" or "C-" level players) because other beginners may hit your beloved racket. When playing net shots, you have to believe in yourself."  "Always apologize after you hit your opponent even if you are happy about that."  "Always pick up the birdie from the floor and hand it to your opponent. (DO NOT kick it please!)"  -  tips given by Gigi Pang 

Sydney Olympics 2000


  Tips from: Sum Wan Ker 
  When you look at another badminton player, the shorter his or her shorts are means the better he or she is. If they wear sweat pants that means they suck like hell. Watch out for guys in Speedos.  


Camila Martin

  Tips from: Doomz 
When your a good player get mad and do it with style. Make people notice your game, do your patented racquet toss if you will this is cool. When your not so good. C or D player. Keep very quiet, yelling and making a scene will only make onlookers watch your game which is the last thing that the world needs. Lose with a smile. At least this way your the crappy yet nice individual.
  Tips from: 
When you are playing a game, always only think about your own points.
(DO NOT) care about your opponent's points.
Just think for example: if you have 7 points, just think that you still
have to score 8 points to win and nothing else.
  Tips from: Andy 
To unnerve and anger your opponent before a match ask him if I has a cock. Although it may be taken lightheartedly deep down he will dwell on this throughout the game leaving the court open for you to attack at will.

Tips from: Finton Atkinson
Make sure when playing all badminton games that you have a good warm up! you have around 3 minutes to warm up don't waste a second of it, you can use this time to practice with a partner all the types of shots (this is also a good time to observe the opposition) make sure you are fully warmed up go to a dressing room and warm up if you feel embarrassed. If you want to win you have to start off with a decent serve, so make sure you practice them a lot. When you have finished make sure you warm down properly (this accounts for a lot of injuries if not done)
  Tips from: Fabian Tan
  To play a match even know in single and double you should try to avoid your weakness from the knowledge of the opponent. If the opponent knows your weakness, this is bad luck because he will always try to make you lose.
In badminton, you should have the confidence in yourself about the way you play in every match. This is to avoid you from becoming nervous. Don't be affraid to face your opponent because the more nervous you are the more worse the game gets.
Sometimes you can wear school shoes so that opponent can misjudge you. Wearing school shoe also almost the same as wearing sport shoes just you have to watch out for the floor.
 Don't scare to "throw body" for a ball. Even Malaysia player do that. Don't look down on your personnel badminton techniques because sometimes its not your skill not useful just that the opponent is too good.
  Tips from: Chris
When warming up,  with your opponents watching/warming up to the side of you, get your partner to serve to you 2 low serves followed by 1 flick   - you know what is coming so you can attack attack attack. Hopefully the opposition will be taking note on how fast your reading the serves and may get a little worried?!? consequently rushing their serves


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