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  Ok you can gain lots of information and tips from this site as well as many others but you will still probably want a couple of books of videos to refer to, So I've sifted through the dross to provide you with a concise list of reference materials to choose from .


  Badminton Today
Tariq Wadood, KarlyneTan                        Paperback - 208 pages 2nd Ed 
                                                                                               (August 2000)

  This text covers the fundamentals of badminton as well as equipment, clothing, and practice drills. Discussion of sports psychology, advanced strategies/techniques, and mental preparedness is also included.



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  Badminton By Peter Roper:                                                    Paperback - 

  This guide is part of an instructional sport series. the book discusses all aspects of playing badminton, and step by step instructions are given. whatever the readers standard, it shows how to improve performance and increase enjoyment of the game.  


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  Badminton Made Simple By Edmond A Douglas:                                                  Paperback - 
  This is a comprehensive, easy to understand text, offering both beginners and advanced badminton players the knowledge necessary to play this enjoyable sport. An in depth presentation of each phase of the game is given, and also included is an easy guide to teaching badminton. 


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  Badminton By BaE:                                                                   Paperback - 

  This series of books provides up-to-date and comprehensive introductions to sport and leisure activities of all kinds. Each volume in the series is updated to embrace rule changes, and is produced in collaboration with the particular sport's governing body.  


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  Badminton By BaE:                                                     VHS Video

  An official guide on how to play Badminton, showing clearly stroke techniques, tactics, advice on equipment, fitness and game strategy.  

VHS Video 


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  Your Personal Badminton coach:                           VHS Video

  Badminton coaching including advice and tips on grip, service, forecourt strokes, tactics, returns of smash and starting positions. Introduced by Mark Methven. 

VHS Video 


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  Badminton By Trevor Jaques:                             Paperback - 145 pages

  A reference for beginners and less experienced badminton players, with step-by-step instructions on basic skills, single and double play tactics, serves, overhead strokes, drop shots, smashes, drives and around the head strokes. From the STEPS TO SUCCESS series.


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